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Draft minutes of the WRRA Annual General Meeting held Wednesday 21st February 2018


We will shortly be loading a collection of old photos of Wilderness and surrounding areas assembled by Martin Grotepass of Wilderness Pharmacy  sourced with the assistance of Hugo Leggatt, Mark Rubin, Louise Dumbleton, Diepwalle Museum and the George Museum.

If you have old photos (with a description if you can) and wish to share them with the community please contact Martin at the pharmacy or click on the following link to email them to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Policy regarding the regrading of gravel roads - please read to understand this important issue


Hoekwil Road upgrade

Henra have informed us that the stop and go situation along the pass will be in place for most of May, but that on Sundays the pass will be open both ways.



  Raising of the Garden Route Dam Wall 


GEORGE NEWS - The contractor who was appointed to raise the spillway of the Garden Route Dam after more than 10 years of delays, has withdrawn its tender.

The news broke yesterday afternoon and was confirmed today by George Municipal Manager, Trevor Botha.

George Municipality received a letter from the contractor on Tuesday (20 March), informing the municipality of their “regretful withdrawal of their tender”.

“As there was only one responsive tender, the municipality is now compelled to call for new tenders and the process to appoint a new contractor will take at least 3 months with envisaged construction start date of July 2018,” says Botha. “George Municipality shares the public’s disappointment, but remains confident that the project will proceed once the process to procure a new contractor is concluded.”

The raising of the Garden Route Dam spillway is a key project that has been subjected to numerous and lengthy delays over a period of nearly 10 years.

On 13 March, just a week before the contractor withdrew his tender, the George Municipality issued a press release informing the public that the raising of the dam wall was finally going ahead. The George Herald carried the article on 15 March.

Now it seems Georgians will have to wait even longer.


N2 Proclaimed Re-alignment Road Reserve

The threat of an alternative new route for the N2 passing through Wilderness Heights etc. now appears to be finally over. It is understood that SANRAL is actively persuing the process to de-proclaim the road reserve and any other unwanted land with the intention to then sell the land by auction. The exact process is currently not known.

This does not effect the current routing of the N2 which is scheduled for a major upgrade. On 6th March we were advised that the final Basic Assesment Report has been submitted to the Dept of Environmental Affairs for approval. It appears that the project will be split into two sections split at Zundorf/Southside.


Choo-Tjoe Re-Opening : Is is about to become a reality ?


Where can you walk your dogs on the beaches ?

Clearing of vacant stands - Important warning to owners


 For visitors and residents alike the site should give you a wealth of information about the history, geology and on-going activities in and around Wilderness. There are photo galleries, articles of interest, calendars of events and a comprehensive directory of activities in and around Wilderness.

The Garden Route, and Wilderness in particular, is an area of outstanding natural beauty. Long sandy beaches, forested rivers, lakes, and mountains abound. Crossing over the mountains one enters a different world, that of the semi-arid Klein (small) Karoo.

At low water it is possible to walk over 50kms along the beach from Wilderness to Knysna. This takes you past towering cliffs and  massive vegetatiBurchals Coucalon covered dunes, flat rock formations, rough seas, and calm swimming beaches. Kite surfers, body surfers, board surfers, all abound along the coast.

At Victoria Bay it is rare to find a day without surfers in the water.

The lakes and rivers offer the opportunity for swimming, sailing, canoeing, pedal boats and more. The Touw River provides the opportunity to hire boats or canoes and see our village from a different vantage point.

Activities abound. For the adventurous there are opportunities as varied as paragliding to abseiling. There are short walks to long hikes in the forests, beaches or along towering cliff tops where you can see the sea crashing into the rocks far below.

As a favourite for tourists Wilderness has a range of restaurants from five star to quality pub fare. Accommodation is provided by hotels and over eighty B&B's and Guest Houses!

We trust that the site will help you to enjoy Paradise !

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