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 Choo-Tjoe - Reopening - Is is about to become a reality ?


Seven Passes Upgrade - As you may know parts of the road was surfaced with hot layed asphalt and the remainder being those sections exposed to the winter sun with less expensive chip and spray. which would be normal for this class of road. This was to save costs as the project exceeded its budget. Unfortunately the cold damp conditions proved unsuitable for the chip and spray and there is deterioration is some sections. The consultants are aware of this and will attend to the matter.


Hoekwil Road Upgrade - latest news 2018-12-05


N2 Road Upgrade : The latest report issued 2017-11-15 has indicated that the service road south of the N2 to join Roland Krynauw to the roundabout at Pirates Creek has been dropped. This was at the request of residents as it will minimise the risk of damage to the dune and vegetation. Access from George will require doing a U-Turn at the Pirates Creek roundabout. Exiting Roland Krynauw to travel towards Sedgefield will require doing a U-Turn at the Southside roundabout.

The report also indicates  "It is unlikely that the proposed Wilderness Bypass will ever be implemented on its original alignment because of environmental impacts."

The road reserve was proclaimed in 1979 as a bypass for the current N2 route through Wilderness. From the current end of the highway in George it would go through the farmers market, across to south of the Bundu shop in Wilderness Heights, along the dirt section of Whites Road and then down to near where Waterside Road crosses the Touw in Ebb and Flow (the road/railway bridge). It would follow the dirt road before swinging south to go through the vlei south of Island Lake and north of Lake Road taking out the yacht club.

The route can be viewed in Articles - Roads in the top menu. It is necessary to zoom in to see the road reserve borders.


In-line with previous years SAPS have asked if the WRRA can fund additional security personnel for the village over the December holiday season especially Peak Security Risk days: 16th ,25th, 26th December and 1st of January plus the weekends between. There is little we can do to stop the flow of visitors but we can make a meaningful contribution to improving the safety and security of residents and visitors.

W/O Boshoff has properly trained and equipped staff available, but there’s a cost involved. The WRRA will meet some of this cost, but we again appeal to you all to please make a contribution towards this Holiday Security Fund.

ClIck this link for further details


Where can you walk your dogs on the beaches ?

Clearing of vacant stands - Important warning to owners


 For visitors and residents alike the site should give you a wealth of information about the history, geology and on-going activities in and around Wilderness. There are photo galleries, articles of interest, calendars of events and a comprehensive directory of activities in and around Wilderness.

The Garden Route, and Wilderness in particular, is an area of outstanding natural beauty. Long sandy beaches, forested rivers, lakes, and mountains abound. Crossing over the mountains one enters a different world, that of the semi-arid Klein (small) Karoo.

At low water it is possible to walk over 50kms along the beach from Wilderness to Knysna. This takes you past towering cliffs and  massive vegetatiBurchals Coucalon covered dunes, flat rock formations, rough seas, and calm swimming beaches. Kite surfers, body surfers, board surfers, all abound along the coast.

At Victoria Bay it is rare to find a day without surfers in the water.

The lakes and rivers offer the opportunity for swimming, sailing, canoeing, pedal boats and more. The Touw River provides the opportunity to hire boats or canoes and see our village from a different vantage point.

Activities abound. For the adventurous there are opportunities as varied as paragliding to abseiling. There are short walks to long hikes in the forests, beaches or along towering cliff tops where you can see the sea crashing into the rocks far below.

As a favourite for tourists Wilderness has a range of restaurants from five star to quality pub fare. Accommodation is provided by hotels and over eighty B&B's and Guest Houses!

We trust that the site will help you to enjoy Paradise !

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