Recycling has finally arrived in Wilderness, and we encourage everyone to participate in making it a success.

You should by now have received a blue bag for recyclable materials.  The filled bags should be placed on the pavement, together with your normal black refuse bags, by 07h00 on your usual removal day.  Southern Cape Recycling will collect the blue bags, and a new bag will be provided for every filled bag.

Items generally suitable for recycling are:

Paper:  Newspapers, books, magazines, leaflets, writing paper, letterheads, envelopes, copy paper, laser print paper, and computer paper.
Cardboard:   Boxes, packaging material, displays etc
Plastic: Wrapping and packaging, plastic shopping bags, cool drink and milk bottles, plastic crates.  All recycled plastic products must be clean.
Cans:  All beverage and canned food cans. Please rinse before recycling.
Glass;    Only glass bottles and jars. Please rinse before recycling

 The following items are NOT suitable for recycling:

  • Any wet, smelly, or soiled materials, diapers (disposable nappies), carbon products, chemically- treated or heat sensitive paper.
  • Any Sweets, biscuits, chips, or ice cream wrappers or packets.
  • Any used paper towels and serviettes, plastic coated paper, wax paper, milk cartons, tin foil, cling wrap, polystyrene containers, or cellophane.
  • Window glass, light bulbs, neon tubes, porcelain or pottery.


 Further enquires should be directed to Southern Cape Recycling 044 871 2758