Below are maps that show various sections of the proclaimed routing for the N2, from Kraaibosch to Sedgefield. This has not been cancelled although the N2 is going through a major upgrade. However, it is unlikely to be actioned in the next 20 to 30 years, if ever.


map1 map2 map3 map4 map5


Mall to Map of Africa


Map of Africa to Hoekwill Bridge


Hoekwil Rd to Kleinkrantz


Kleinkrantz towards Sedgefield


Sedgefield Section

Click on the thumbnails to open the PDF file for each section. After opening the PDF file, you will need to zoom in on the picture in order to see the yellow lines denoting the area of proclaimed road reserve. Then use the right/left and down/up scroll bars to move around the document.

To say it would be disastrous for Wilderness is an understatement. From the current end of the highway in George it would go through the farmers market, across to south of the Bundu shop in Wilderness Heights, along the dirt section of Whites Road and then down to near where Waterside Road crosses the Touw in Ebb and Flow (the road/railway bridge).  It would follow the dirt road before swinging south to go through the vlei south of Island Lake.