Latest Information 2017-09-22

The Final Basic Assessment Report was released 2017-09-22.

The earliest anticipated commencement of any construction works will be 2nd quarter 2018. However, it is an estimated date and it also depends on the outcome of the Environmental Assessment and other necessary applications. Comments closed on 23rd October.

The major change from the earlier proposals of June 2017 is that the roundabout at 10th Ave / Roland Krynauw will be moved to the entrance of Pirates Creek. The proposed access road joining Roland Krynauw to Pirates Creek has been dropped so residents will have to turn left on joining the N2 and do a u-turn at the Southside/Zumdorf circle to travel east. On returning from the village/George direction it will be necessary to do a u-turn at the Pirates Creek circle.

Locality Map

Information Sheet (this details all the proposals)

Final Basic Assessment Report

Note the documents including the individual appendices referenced in the DBAR can be downloaded by clicking this link. They are listed at the bottom of the pages.

Summary of the revised proposals for the N2 upgrade as at 2017-09-29

The letters in parantheses refer to a map put together by WRRA which can be displayed in a new tab by clicking this line

  • Work on the upgrades will probably start during the 2nd quarter 2018
  • The project is expected to last between 3 1/2 and 4 years and stretches over 15 kms. Sections of about 3 kms will be worked on
  • It is planned that there will be no stop-goes as single lane traffic in both directions should be maintained.
  • The upgraded section will become a four lane dual carriageway throughout
  • Street lighting will be added so that it will be continuous from the village to Die Vleie (O)
  • From the new roundabout at Zundorf Lane / Southside Street (H) east to Die Vleie (O) , the road is proposed to be upgraded to a four-lane divided highway with two lanes in each direction, a raised median, and surfaced shoulders.
  • Some re-alignment from the previous proposals has been made to minimise environmental concerns.
  • Along the reconstructed road all but two right turns onto and off the N2 have been eliminated. For example, exiting from Sands Road to travel towards Sedgefield means turning left and doing a 180 at the circle into the village. Entering Sands Road from the George direction drivers will either do a 180 at the village circle and enter via Station Road or do a 180 at the Southside/Zundorf circle and enter via Sands Road.
  • Protected right turns will remain when travelling from George into the parking area at Kaaimans (D) and into the small housing development in George Street (to the west of the entrance into the village) (E) when travelling west.
  • In discussions with the consultants after the first proposals there was a commitment to no stop-goes. However, we are not certain whether this still holds as it was before the introduction of the circles.

The following is a summary of the proposals starting from Kraaibosch

  1. A new service road will be constructed to the south (seaside) of the N2 in the vicinity of "Rademachers" to provide access to Victoria Heights (A)
  2. A new roundabout at the entrance to Victoria Bay (B)
  3. A new service road on the north of the N2 to provide access to Far Hills and other residents while a similar access road will be provided on the southside. The N2 will be widened to four lanes while retaining the compulsory truck stop. (C)
  4. The Kaaimans Pass will be widened to four lanes. The parking area will be formalised and a boardwalk constructed to allow pedestrian access to the beach in a safe environment rather than having to walk alongside the N2. (D)
  5. The residential area (Yes it is George Street) west of the village on the north side of the N2 will retain access when travelling west.(E)
  6. Station Road will no longer be accessible when travelling east. It will remain open for left turns into and out of the road. Similarly for Sands Road (F)
  7. A new circle at the entrance to the village. (G)
  8. A new circle at Zundorf Lane / Southside Street (H)
  9. A new circle at 10th Ave/Die Duin - this has been removed in this final proposal (I)
  10. Anchorage Lane and Pirates Creek 
    A new roundabout is proposed at Die Duin (northern section) with an access road at Pirates Creek. The roundabout was initially located at Roland Krynauw Street but was subsequently removed and relocated to Pirates Creek due to reasons outlined in the Final BAR. (J):
  11. A new circle at Buxton Close / Dumbleton Crescent (K)
  12. A new circle at the Hoekwil Road (L)
  13. The existing circle at the Waves will be retained. (M)
  14. A road underpass will be constructed between North Street and 8th Avenue at Peters Road. Left-only accesses will be retained at North Street and Grants Place. This will provide for left-only access to North Street and the residential areas south of the highway. The underpass is specified at the N2 is elevated at that point and a circle would require extensive ground works and retaining walls to elevate the required area for a circle. See comments below :(N)
  15. A new circle at Die Vleie, with a new road linking directly to Erica Street at Gousblom Crescent in Kleinkrantz. (O)
  16. The pedestrian / cycling path on the south of the N2 - it is not clear that this will be retained as the road from the Touw River to Die Vleie will be four lane with 2,5m shoulders which it is stated will accomodate cyclists.

 Comments about the nned for the upgrade and in particular the underpass at North & Grant

 The N2 is a key national road. Improvements are being made on sections along its whole length. Most of the other key national roads are fortunate that they are able to eliminate urban problems by relocating the road to bypass the towns. The N2 is unfortunate in that topography and environmental concerns means it is not able to find alternative routes in many locations. Wilderness is particularly unfortunate in this regard as even minor re-routings are not possible.

The road currently caries an average in excess of 1100 trucks per day and this is expected to continue to grow. Similarly local private and tourist traffic is growing rapidly.

To improve safety the strategy is to try to eliminate right turns onto and off the N2. The area around the North and Grants Place/8th Ave junction has been a source of concern for some time due to the speed of traffic and reckless overtaking.

One option was to simply close the Grant Place and North Street junctions for right turns and only allow left turns. This would mean that someone normally right turning from Grant Place to travel towards Sedgefield would have had to drive through the suburb to access the existing roundabout at the Waves.

The alternative of putting a roundabout at the junction was initially proposed but further consideration led to this being rejected. The height difference between the N2 and surrounding land meant that massive earth works and/or large concrete retaining walls would have been required to create adequate width. The height differences actually work in favour of an underpass so that limited earth works will be required.

The North and Grant Place junctions will be retained to allow left turns for traffic entering the N2. Due to height differences it is not possible to have the underpass directly linked to the North Street junction.