Railway Line

between Sands Road and Victoria Bay

There have been incidents of assaults on visitors hiking the railway line individually or in pairs. It is preferred that you do not use this line. It is appreciated that the views are spectacular so should you insist then please do so in larger groups and minimise carrying valuable items. 

It would be appreciated if Guest Houses and B&B's advise visitors accordingly.


Whatsapp Security Groups

Almost all of Wilderness is covered by Whatsapp groups each covering a section of Wilderness. We require a group for the CBD - someone willing to set up the group should contact the WRRA.

The quick circulation of messages has led to the successful apprehesion of a number of criminals.  If you are not in a group please see the separate article on the WhatsApp groups. The group leaders are linked together so that the details of incidents requiring greater exposure can quickly be sent through to the other groups.

Please : These Whatsapp groups are linked to the SAPS. Do not abuse the system by sending out non security messages to the group.


Police Forum

On the last Monday of each month, excluding December, we hold a meeting at 17:30 at the Wilderness Hotel Resort & Spa (opposite the village green). Ask at reception as to where the meeting is being held.

The forum is open to everyone and is usually run by Bennie Boshoff of the SAPS. The discussion covers crime in the area over the last month, any specific issues such as the plans for the festive season and then, importantly, what the community can do to assist.