WRRA Fire Forum

WRRA Fire Forum Presentation on Wednesday, 7 August 2019, 18h30 at the Wilderness Hotel.


2019 08 07 Talk flyer


The Greater Wilderness Fire Forum has now become the WRRA Fire Forum, which encompasses the 6 FMUs (Fire Managements Units) within the G

  • Greater Wilderness area:
  • Wilderness Village

  • Wilderness Heights

  • Rondevlei

  • Langvlei Dunes

  • Hoekwil

  • Wilderness Lakes.

This decision has been taken with a view to consolidating the Greater Wilderness activities and initiatives in order to expand the reach of communications within the various communities. A tremendous amount of work has been going on behind the scenes within the 6 FMUs, who are now ready to officially launch the WRRA Fire Forum on Wednesday, 7 August 2019, 18h30 at the Wilderness Hotel.

The launch includes talks on:

  • Insurance Shortfalls based on the Knysna and George fires - critical information we all tend to be blissfully unaware of!

  • The Fire Risk Assessment Survey conducted by the George Fire Department and future actions

  • Feedback on the George fire and what residents need to know, and

  • Details on the FMUs in your area.

A Fire Awareness booklet compiled by the WRRA Fire Forum providing vital fire PREVENTION information will be handed out to everyone. To cover the cost and to raise funds for future expenditure there will be an entrance fee of R20 per person.

All residents of the Greater Wilderness area are encouraged to attend.