Free Windows Training for WRRA members

Doug Wilcox has over 40 years computer experience and developed and maintains the WRRA web site.

He runs a free computer training course which extends over 8 to 10 workshops .  To attend you must

  • Be a paid up member of WRRA, there is no fee for the course (genuine!)
  • Have a laptop with Windows 10. Unfortunately it is not practical to train on different Windows versions in the same coure .
  • Stongly advised that you have a mouse
  • BUT you only require a basic computer knowledge, that is able to do emailing. We take it from there!

 All sessions are held on a Thursday morning from 10:00 until about 12:00. They are held at his home in Wilderness.

The fourth course started in Feb 2018 and will run until late April. No further dates have been set bu should you wish to attend a course please This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

Course Contents and Material

The course starts with a brief overview of computer hardware and then installing software used on the course. The software includes applications to assist with maintaining your computer and, if you don't already have, malware and anti-virus apps. Note that we use free but professional quality software which is sufficiently similar to other products so that it will be easy for you to apply your knowledge to those.

Each session requires 2 to 3 hours of "homework" with the exercises and guides. It is ESSENTIAL that you do these before the session. Each workshop will typically review the exercises you did for homework, discuss items not covered by the exercises, and then prepare you for the next exercises.

We do a number of exercises on spreadsheets and spend less time on documents. This is deliberate as once you understand the basics and formatting of a spreadsheet you will find word processing a "piece of cake".

The material is written for Windows 10. Most of the facilities are available in earlier versions of Windows but may use slightly different methods to access. The course deliberately uses spreadsheets as a trainig exercise in preference to, for example, word processing as it provides a much wider range of facilities. However, word processing, emails etc. will be covered based on demand.

If you wish to download an article click on the name and a "pdf" should open in a new tab.  Then open the "File" menu in your browser (this is usually at the top left) and then "Save as".  This will give you a pop up which will allow you to select where to save the pdf. Navigate to the required folder and click "Save". You will be assisted with this on the course.

00 Course Software

01 Manipulating Windows

02 Windows Folders and Files

02a Moving and Copying Files and Folders

03 Windows Content

04 Windows Settings

05 Windows Search

06 Firefox Internet Browser

06a Google Advanced Search

06b Monitoring data usage

07 Virus and Malware Protection

08 Photo Editing with Irfanview

08a Saving and editing an image of the screen

10a Spreadsheet 1 - basics

10b Spreadsheet 2 - calculations

10c Spreadsheet 3 - exercises

10d Spreadsheet 4 - formatting

10e Spreadsheet 5 - using for lists and sorting

12 Backups

20 Resolving performance problems with your computer (new topic to be documented)

We will cover word processing and emails as required.