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WRRA arranges talks at the Wilderness Hotel & Spa every 6 to 8 weeks. We would like to thank SA INFOcus,the digital marketing company specializing in producing and publishing high quality marketing videos, who record these talks for us.

Beyond Endurance : Shackelton's Journey to South Georgia

This talk was presented at the Wilderness Hotel & Spa on 23rd May, 2018.

Joan Louwrens (Antarctic Doctor) tells an inspiring story about Shackelton's Journey to South Georgia, an incredible testament to the potential of the human spirit and its ability to endure beyond imagination as Shackelton, Worsley and Crean became the first mountaineers of South Georgia Island in order to save their lives and the lives of their stranded crew.


Flight of the Egrets

The cattle egrets do a daily migration from the vleis to areas around and west of George. As the day gets lighter they fly from the vleis along the Touw River in multiple flocks each consisting of 10's or 100's of birds. This continues for upto 10 minutes with a few strays coming through later. They return at sunset along a very similar route. The video clip covers just a part of this daily event. To see them live one of the best places is the boardwalk alongside Waterside Rd. Get there at least 15 minutes before sunrise when it is moderately light.

Medium res video, 37 MByte, 37 secs

Canyoning in Wilderness

Garden Route Historical Video from 1960

       Note full video is 42 minutes long & will use about 120 MBytes to download. Only the first 6 minutes are about Wilderness

       It was re-edited by William Smith with a voice over as the original sound track was in poor condition

Garden Route South Africa Travel Channel 24   (28 mins)

 Paragliding in Wilderness

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Canoeing and Hiking, Touw River, Wilderness

Kaaiman's Grotto

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5 day Coastal Wilderness Trail

BBC South Africa Walks : The Garden Route

Porcupine Trail through Goukamma Nature Reserve (Near Buffels Bay)