Wilderness Bowling & Croquet Club

History of the Wilderness Bowling Club - Hugo Leggatt

New members and visitors are always welcome.

We have many members who are single or not accompanied by their partners whilst there are also many couples who play. There is no commitment as to how frequently you play, some members play regularly three times per week, others only once every few weeks. Other members are swallows and are not seen for months at a time. We have members in full time employment although the majority are retired. Ages range from 40 to 82 !

The club consists of two sections with a membership in excess of 50. Club membership entitles you to play in both sections.

                  The Croquet Section- meeting Friday afternoons, contact Edward on 083 676 6052

                  The Bowling Section - meeting Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday,

                                                   Summer 15:00 (normally early Dec to end Feb), Other seasons 14:00

                                                   Arrive 30 minutes beforehand for first session, contact Doug 083 607 3502

More details of the bowling club :

  • The Wilderness Bowling Club is not affiliated to Bowls South Africa so we are able to set our own casual rules for dress. The only rule is that you must wear flat bottomed (i.e. minimum heal) shoes or play barefoot to prevent damage to the green.
  • Fees for visitors : R20 per session
  • Fees for members : R35 per month (R400 per annum) plus R5 per session.
  • The bowling green grounds belong to the hotel.The club undertakes the expensive task of maintaining the green while the hotel has the benefit of a facility which otherwise would not be viable for use by their guests. A win-win situation.

The Game

  • A game can be played with 1,2,3 or 4 players in each of the two competing teams although we only play with 2 or 3 per team. In your first games you will generally play in 3 per team as the first player or Lead of your team. The most experienced member will be skip and plays last.
  • Each afternoon the teams are formed to give members a chance of playing with different members. Teams are selected to balance out the skill levels. This approach allows newcomers to enjoy the game from an early stage in their experience and quickly get to know all the members.
  • We normally play 18 ends with a tea break after the first 10, typically taking about two hours.

How do you start, no prior experience is required.

  • We will endeavour to loan you club bowls for your first sessions
  • If you have some experience in the game you can simply arrive 30 minutes before play is scheduled
  • If you are a beginner
    • It is preferable that you contact the club beforehand (see above) so that we can give you a coaching session (there is no charge) and an overview of how the game is played and the roles of the different team members.
    • Alternatively if you come to the club we can make arrangements for future coaching and if it is possible set you up to practice on an used rink for the afternoon.
    • Normally we do not place you in a game until you have had some practice.
    The club is extremely sociable. Particularly if you are new to Wilderness you will find it is a great way to make a new "family" of friends.