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Pet and Animal keeping Info

Full details can be found on the George Municipality web site www.george.gov.za under Documents/By Laws but, in summary, residents may have a maximum of 2 dogs and 2 cats on a residential property. However, with the consent of your neighbours and after an inspection by the Garden Route SPCA Inspectorate, you might be given permission to have more. Due to the numbers of unwanted and abandoned pets, the George Animal Keeping By Law states that every dog or cat over the age of 6 months MUST be sterilized. The fine for keeping an unsterilized pet is R1 000. Alternatively, you need a breeder’s licence issued by the SPCA after inspection of your premises. Should your pet have offspring without your having a breeder’s licence, the fine is R1 000 plus the compulsory sterilization of the pet. 

Dogs may be walked on many areas of our beautiful 16km long beach. Look for the maps at each beach entry. Red NO DOGS ALLOWED sections allow children to play safely or are breeding areas for endangered seabirds. Hefty fines are issued by SANParks Rangers for non-compliance. All dogs in public places (road verges, beaches etc.) must be on leash and their droppings must be bagged and removed (Dog walkers must have a spare bag as well!). The fine for non-compliant owners is R500. Dogs barking unreasonably can be reported to the SPCA who will first issue the owners with a warning and if repeated, may be confiscated by the SPCA. 


Beach dog walk map 

Map available on Sanparks Website


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